Car Review: Citroen - Saxo  Series 96 (2 stars)

Not Recommended. Cheap, cheerful transport inevitably sold with a keen discount or free insurance. Old and outclassed, it also lacks modern impact protection.

The Saxo's undeniable attraction is as one of the cheapest cars on offer in Britain today. The problem is that, on everything except price, the Saxo has long since been outclassed by the rest of the supermini segment. Cheap materials, lightweight construction, poor crash-test performance and an uncomfortable seating position leave it feeling very old indeed. The gutless 1.0-litre base engine tends to appear in the cheaper special editions, which also do without the useful power steering option. 'Hot' VTR and VTS versions can still raise smiles, but it's hard not to conclude that - overall - this is a car that is long overdue for retirement.

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