Car Review: Kia - Sedona  Series 06 (3 stars)

Kia's Sedona is a workmanlike beast, cheap and devoid of personality. But cheap.

Many cars try and offer you a do anything, go anywhere kind of practicality that makes you feel like you could stuff its cubbyholes, play with its funky flexible seating system, load up the kids and motor off into the sunset ready for anything, perhaps with a little driving fun thrown in.

Sometimes that's a little too much and you just want something with seven seats that drives - which is where a Kia might come in useful. In fact, the Kia Sedona is exactly that kind of car. It offers seven-seat practicality and if you're feeling down in the dumps that doe-eyed, slightly vacant face will soon have you laughing again.

Some might call the Sedona cheap and dreary, but we like its robust interior detailing and its refreshing lack of materialism. It's like motoring detox.

For the £20,000 entry price you're not likely to find anything as spacious, whatever your opinion of its looks - on a budget it's a reasonable combination. The fact the Sedona offers seven seats for the money is perhaps its biggest draw, although like many such cars they are still cramped and best suited to smaller children. Even with that third row of seats, however, there is still room for a decent amount of luggage in the boot.

The interior is predictably workmanlike, the dashboard trims feels cheap - and you would never have guessed there were so many shades of grey - but it fits in with the austerity ethos. What doesn't fit in with that ethos is the hefty standard equipment list, which perks things up a bit.

The handling of the Sedona is as workmanlike as the interior - it will get you round corners well enough, but don't expect it to do anything too fancy. Steering feel is pretty poor and there isn't a great deal of grip available from the tyres. In the wet you'll have to take it even easier - not that any of this will come as a surprise, Kias not being known as drivers' cars.

There is only one engine available on the Sedona - an asthmatic 2.9-litre diesel that needs working very hard to make progress, and does so very noisily. Coupled with the driving dynamics the engine will ensure you take things easy.

There is nothing about the Kia Sedona that will raise your expectations unduly, but for the money it does what it says on the tin.

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