Car Review: Mercedes - V Class  Series 96 (1 star)

Steer clear. It's a Mercedes Sprinter van with windows and a leather interior, plus a truly ridiculous pricetag. Nowhere near the standards of proper premium MPVs.

The V Class sells on the twin principles that one is born every minute and that a fool and his money are quickly parted. The Mercedes-Benz badge and posh interior barely begin to disguise the fact that the V Class is, basically, a commercial vehicle. Ride is reasonable on smoother roads, but bigger bumps or potholes will have the cheap-feeling interior trim trembling and creaking. And the V Class corners exactly as you would a expect a van to: reluctantly and at acute lean-angles. Petrol engines offer slow performance, but the 220 CDI turbodiesel is positively glacial, and noisy too. Modern full-sized MPVs are almost infinitely better, and if you're looking for a commercial-based family minibus the Ford Torneo is cheaper, more comfortable and better constructed.

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