Car Review: Mitsubishi - Carisma  Series 95 (2 stars)

Average. The Carisma is a plain Jane with a lifeless personality to match. The engines are a mixed bag but at least prices are low and equipment levels good.

Despite its appealing name, the Carisma isn't the sparkling personality it should be. Faceless looks and a cheap interior do nothing to inspire the driver in you - the ride and handling are also poor. Carisma prices start low with the underpowered 1.6, while the 1.9 D-ID diesel feels little better. In between is the 1.8 GDI which offers the right mix of performance and economy. Mitsubishi is always offering good deals and, with the Carisma near the end of its shelf life, you should be able to negotiate a good bargain on the forecourt.

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