Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is the sixth largest car manufacturer in Japan and the seventeenth largest in the world by global unit sales. Formed in 1970, it has had various commercial ties with DaimlerChrysler, Hyundai, Proton and Volvo.

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  • Mitsubishi ASX Mitsubishi ASX. The ASX may have been gestating in Mitsubishi's corporate belly for a while, but now it's here the Japanese manufacturer believes it has brought a car to market at just the right time, and more importantly, at the right price.
  • Mitsubishi Carisma Series 95 Mitsubishi Carisma. Despite its appealing name, the Carisma isn't the sparkling personality it should be.
  • Mitsubishi Colt Series 04 The Colt is a talented little supermini, and although it now feels relatively small compared to some more recent segment arrivals, it still makes a strong case for itself with a combination of good standard equipment and a painless drivin
  • Mitsubishi Galant Series 97 Mitsubishi Galant. Galant is a big, roomy saloon that comes with a strong Mitsubishi warranty and reliability built in.
  • Mitsubishi iCar Series 07 Half a century ago, most baby cars in Europe were rear-engined and rear-wheel-drive.
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Series 08 There's no getting away from the fact that much of the Lancer's appeal lies in its close styling ties to Mitsubishi's road-runner Evo model.
  • Mitsubishi Outlander Series 07 It's quite brave of a bit player like Mitsubishi to enter into some of the segments that it does - some of the more ruthless and competitive parts of the market that event the mainstream boys find it hard to get noticed in.
  • Mitsubishi Shogun (94 -07) Series 94 Mitsubishi Shogun (94 -07). The Shogun used to be the king of the 4x4 market - then it was heavily re-vamped and lost the good looks that made it such a winner.
  • Mitsubishi Shogun Series 07 There's lots to like about the Shogun, and it certainly deserves to be high on the list for anyone seeking an uncomplaining old-fashioned mud-plugger.
  • Mitsubishi Space Wagon Series 98 Mitsubishi Space Wagon. Competing in a segment full of good cars the resoundingly average Space Wagon has not made an enormous impression.

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