Car Review: Toyota - Hilux (03-06)  Series 03 (3 stars)

Average. Toyota has tweaked the commercial Hilux to create a fairly cool and trendy 'lifestyle' vehicle. Room for five inside and flat load bay is great for bikes, surf boards or any gear.

The Americans have mastered the art of turning a pick up truck into a passenger vehicle and it's catching on here too. The latest Hilux is basically a two- or four-wheel drive pick-up used by builders - with lots of extras bits. And competition is fierce, with the Mitsubishi L200 4Life and best-selling Ford Ranger leading the way. The five-seat double cab Hilux is most practical, although interior trim is a bit downbeat even on the higher specification models. All come with a beefy 2.5 turbodiesel engine that performs well but can be noisy when extended on a long journey.

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