The Essential Wedding Car Checklist

Friday, 19 September 2014

Everyone wants their big day to go with a bang, but nobody wants to arrive in a banger. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and you arrive in style, we've compiled everything you need to do to organise your ideal wedding car.

Practical planning

Style and panache are probably your top considerations ahead of the big day, but there are certain details you should decide on before you start looking at the options. Avoid an undignified entrance by carefully considering:

- How much space is required for one of the more puffy dresses
- How many people will be travelling in the wedding car
- Whether you need boot space for extras (we're not referring to the in-laws)
- How low to the ground it is. Think of your dismount, and the photos
- Likely weather forecast. Avoid convertibles in autumn - it will inevitably rain if you don't
- Perhaps most importantly, your budget

Choosing your chariot

Whether you set your heart on a car in advance or leave your options open will depend on what's important to you and how much you want to spend. Choices available include:

- Specialist wedding hire companies: perfect if you want a comprehensive package
- Luxury cab or limo hire firms: quick, cheap, simple transportation
- Classic car specialists/owners: may offer fewer services and require extra planning
- When deciding between them, consider whether:

- Style, comfort or cost is most important
- You want 'the full package' or just a special car for a special day
- It fits the wedding theme
- A specific car or year has a personal significance

When you're booking

Once you've got the ideal car in mind, it's time to find out what's on offer. Whether you look online, ask around or make strategic phone calls, make sure you:

- Get as many quotes as you can
- Check whether driver time is included, and at what rate
- Check if petrol costs are included
- Ask about decoration options and prices
- Check if the car is exclusively yours for the day
- View the car before you confirm
- If you have a complex schedule, it's fine to ask for a planning meeting to confirm the details.

Before the big day

Make sure:

- Timings are agreed
- The driver has clear route instructions
- You have everything you need for when the car arrives

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