Swiftcover Customer Review - Cut premiums

Michael Ranger, a business consultant who works for an international voice recognition company, drives in excess of 45,000 miles every year. He covers the length and breadth of the UK and regularly drives across Germany, Holland, Luxemburg and Belgium.

Michael, a family man from Church Gresley in South Derbyshire, drives a high performance Mondeo ST - classed by insurers as high-risk. He discovered that this can make insurance costly - previously to the tune of over £800 a year. When Michael shopped around for a more competitive premium he was staggered to find that he could cut his car insurance premium significantly with Swiftcover.

"Previously I'd been with Norwich Union and for the same level of cover paid more than twice the amount quoted by Swiftcover. The price difference amazed me and I'm delighted that I managed to save around £400 by switching- a very significant saving indeed."

Spending so much time travelling and working away from home, Michael was impressed with the easy process of obtaining a quote.

"Call centres can be a real pain and I see them as an unnecessary hassle. I'm never in one place for very long and simply don't have the time or the inclination to sit around on the phone. It was good to be able to go online and get an instant quote," says Michael. "What's great about Swiftcover is that if I'm working abroad and need access to my policy details or have a problem, I can go online and sort it out immediately, without the expense of making international calls."

All in all, Michael is delighted and will certainly renew his motor insurance policy with Swiftcover when the time comes.

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