It's Spring Clean Season

Tuesday, 01 May 2012

As the evenings lengthen, and the weather thinks about cheering up, Brits everywhere know that one thing is on the horizon: the dreaded spring clean!

Spring cleaning is the ideal way to shake the wintry cobwebs out of your home and prepare for the British summer. For many, it can be an excuse to redecorate the entire house, while for others it’s just a matter of light dusting and unearthing those all important home insurance papers.

Here at, we’ve sent our spring cleaning fairies out to gather the best tips to make your own spring clean as painless as possible while repairing those bits and bobs around the house.

The exterior of your house will have endured the harshest elements of winter, so it’s best to start your spring cleaning by making sure your gutters are clear and that your pipes are in excellent condition.

Next, to ensure the first rays of golden spring sun can beam into your home with ease, take a squeegee to those windows! There are several tutorials available online for the best window cleaning practices, or you can employ the services of a professional. It’s a small but essential part of your spring cleaning, and will certainly improve both the exterior appearance of, and the quality of light entering, your home.

Moving inside, start by de-cluttering your wardrobe, by throwing out anything you haven’t worn since this time last year, and get rid of anything that no longer fits you; it’s just taking up space! A similar theory applies to your kitchen and bathroom cupboards; you’re never really going to use fennel from 2003 or old hotel bottles of shampoo, so chuck them out.

It’s not just household mess that needs attending to; it’s essential for your peace of mind that all your home insurance documents are in order to ensure a hassle-free household all year round. Spring clean your paperwork by making sure you have all your home insurance documents in one place, as well as additional policy information for car and pet insurance.

You won’t recognise the place!

Until the 19th June 2012, home insurance is offering half price Home Assistance cover^. You could also get a 25 per cent discount when you buy a combined buildings and contents insurance policy*.

How do you spring clean? Quick dust or complete overhaul?
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^Half price offer applies to new policies only and is valid for the first year of cover. Offer is valid until 19th June 2012.

*80% of customers who purchased a combined buildings and contents insurance policy between Aug-Oct 2011 achieved this discount. The discount is applied to the annual premium when buildings and contents insurance are purchased at the same time.

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