Can I cancel when scrapping my car?

Scrapping your car? Scrap your cover

If you're scrapping your car to get a new one, you can get a new quote too. It's easy. Go to your secure online account - Swift Space - and it couldn't be quicker. Just follow the simple steps online and you'll be able to update your details to include your new car. It may mean your premium rising or going down but, as there's no admin fee to make the changes online, it's already saved you money.

Existing customers

Change your car details

If you're scrapping your car and not replacing it, you'll want to stop your insurance. Contact our Help Team on 0330 024 6394 to talk through the next steps.

You can find out more about how we process refunds.

Upon cancellation, you will need to declare that you will destroy all copies of the Certificate of Motor Insurance relating to your policy (whether held in paper, electronic, digital or any other format) within seven days, in accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Please remember to keep all your details up to date because your cover could be affected if anything isn't correct.

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