Types of changes charged for when made by phone

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We reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £10 on top of the cost to make the change or correction if a member of our team does any of the following on your behalf:

  1. Change policyholder details:
    • Your title (e.g. Miss to Mrs)
    • First name and/or surname
    • Marital status (e.g. single to married)
    • Number of children under 16
    • Occupation
    • Business type
    • The length of time you have lived in the UK
    • Licence type (e.g. automatic license to manual)
    • Number of years you have held your license
    • Claims history
    • Conviction details
    • Date of birth
    • No Claims Discount (NCD) entitlement
    • Whether your NCD was earned on a company car
  2. Add a driver
  3. Change address:
    • House number or name
    • Postcode
    • Whether you own where you live
    • Number of cars in your household
  4. Change vehicle details:
    • Type of car
    • Registration number
  5. Change other details
    • Main driver
    • Owner
    • Security
    • Estimated value
    • Annual mileage
    • Where the car is kept overnight
    • Vehicle modifications
    • Cover level
    • Excesses
  6. Add or change type of use
    • e.g. business use.

Changing your details could result in your insurance cost rising or going down. But, as there's no admin charge if you make the changes online, you save money by using My Swift Space.

Please remember to keep all your details up to date because your cover could be affected if anything isn't correct.

Existing customers

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