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Whether we'll insure a particular driver, either as the policyholder or as a named driver, depends on a combination of things - their age, driving convictions, claims history and the car they're driving are just a few examples.

We can cover UK residents aged 18 and over - there's no upper age limit.

We aim to cover most circumstances but we can't offer you car insurance if:

  • you have non-motoring convictions which are unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act
  • you have previously had insurance cancelled, voided, renewal declined or special terms imposed
  • you work full or part time in the following occupations or businesses:
    • Scrap or second-hand dealers or merchant, or street trader
    • Bodyguards or doormen
    • Taxi or mini-cab drivers
    • Fast food delivery drivers
    • The entertainment or professional sports industries
    • Foreign or diplomatic services

We do not cover more than four drivers on any one policy.

Please remember that all policy details need to be correct and accepted by us for your car insurance to be valid.

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