How to Make Cleaning your Car More Fun

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Messy cars aren’t just unappealing, they can also be dangerous. Empty bottles rolling around can easily become lodged underneath the peddles, while a dashboard full of old rubbish can distract your eyes from the road. But keeping your car spick and span doesn’t need to be a chore: in fact, with these tips, it might even be fun.

Write a ‘to-do’ list

First, write up a list of what needs to be done, for example:

Wheel arches
Tidy interior

Being able to tick something off once it’s done is satisfying, and also keeps you on track so that you know you’re doing a really thorough job. You can give yourself a small reward too, like a quick break or biscuit, each time you mark something off the list.

Put on some music

Everything is more fun when your favourite tunes are playing. Choose something upbeat, like 80’s power ballads or some good old fashioned pop. You can even pretend you’re in a music video as you scrub away at your paint work; they always look like they’re having fun, right?

Also: remember not to run the radio from the car, as there’s a danger that this could drain your battery. Instead, use a separate portable radio or iPod dock, keeping well away from any water, of course.

Wear a fitness tracker

You’d be surprised at how many calories you can lose while cleaning, so strap on your tracker and get ready to feel the burn. It might not replace a session at the gym, but it’s definitely better than being a couch potato. Every time you feel your arms aching from wielding the sponge, you’ll know you’re on the way to becoming a tight and toned muscle machine.

Do it with friends

Like music, friends can also cheer up an otherwise boring task. You might need to bribe them with a barbecue afterwards, but if you can get them to pitch in you’ll have half as much work to do. Make it more fun by having a competition to see who can clean their side of the car fastest, or just pass the time by catching up on each other's news.

Take some before and after pictures

You’ll feel more proud of your hard work if you have something to compare it to at the end. Snap a photo of your dirty car before you begin, and again once you’ve worked your magic. The feeling of satisfaction will definitely make all the time you’ve spent seem worthwhile. For extra fun, you can cobble the pics together into a 'before and after' snap for all your avid followers on Instagram.

Celebrate by driving somewhere fun

All that hard work deserves a reward. Go show off your shiny new wheels by heading on a road trip somewhere awesome. Whether it's a trip along country lanes or a cruise along the streets of your local town, the world deserves to see your shiny new chassis. You might want to try avoiding any puddles or muddy bits, though.

To keep on top of things, make sure you wash your car once every two weeks and bring any rubbish out with you whenever you end a journey.

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