Accessibility and support

Need a little extra support? We’re here to help

Here at Swiftcover, we’re working hard to make sure that every customer can use our website in a way that suits them. Here you can find out what measures we’ve got in place to make Swiftcover more accessible:

Visual and audio support

If you’re using our website on a desktop, you can magnify the screen or increase text size. Head to the ‘Settings’ menu on your internet browser (like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) and depending on the browser you use, you'll find the option to increase the text size under ‘Preferences’ or ‘View’.

Alternative document format

If you’re blind, have a visual impairment or are partially sighted, we can provide any Swiftcover document in Braille, large font or audio versions.

If you’d like your documents in Braille, large font or audio please email us at, call us on 0330 024 6394 or contact us. There’s no charge for these documents and once requested, we’ll aim to send them to you within 14 working days.

To help you talk with us, we can take calls through Typetalk or Minicom.

We’re here to take your call Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm, and Sunday 9am to 3pm.

Please note you might have to wait a while during our busy times. Call us Tuesday to Thursday between 8am and 9am, or 5pm and 8pm, for the shortest wait.

Disability support

If you require disability support, there are several resources we can direct you to that can offer support. For example:

When you’re making a claim with Swiftcover, please let us know of any support needed. An example of this may be if you require a non-standard courtesy car, when making a claim against your car insurance policy.


We’re sorry to hear about this, and we’re here to make getting in touch with us as easy as possible.

If you’d like to cancel the Swiftcover policy

Anyone associated with the policy holder, including family, friends and neighbours, can cancel the policy. There will be no cancellation fees when cancelling. However, we can only give policy information to the policy holder’s spouse or partner, next of kin, executor or alternative contact on the policy.

If you’d like to keep the policy

  • For home insurance customers

    We can keep your cover running as long as the joint policy holder, a spouse/partner or close family member is living in the home, and we’ll need to update the policy with the name of the person. We can update the policy when you get in touch with us.

    What if no one is living in the house?

    We can keep the policy running until the renewal date. We recommend that the house is kept at a minimum temperature of 15 degrees to stop pipes from freezing during the winter months. There are a few things that won’t be included in the cover:

    • Escape of water
    • Escape of oil
    • Theft or attempted theft
    • Malicious acts, such as vandalism
    • Contents in garages, outbuildings or gardens

    The above would also apply if the home was unoccupied prior to the bereavement and a close family member or friend has temporarily moved in.

  • For car insurance customers

    We can keep your cover running until the renewal date, as long as there’s at least one named driver on the policy that will carry on using the car. However, no changes can be made to the policy, like adding another driver.

    What if there’s no named drivers?

    We can keep the policy in place for 30 days to give you time to sell the car or arrange other cover.

You’ll be asked a few questions when you get in touch with us, but we aim to make the process as easy as possible, as we understand it may be a difficult time. Visit our contact us page for details about how to get in touch. 

Power of Attorney

This is a legal document that lets a person choose one or more people to act on their behalf, if they’re unable to – e.g. to deal with banks, utilities and insurance.

To record a Power of Attorney with us, you’ll need to send:

  • A certified copy of the document
  • Proof of the attorney(s) identity
  • Policy numbers of the policies they have with us 

For motor policies please send to:

For home policies please send to:

And if we need anything else from you, we’ll be in touch. 

We’ll continue to send documents to the policyholder (such as renewal invites), unless you tell us otherwise.

Mental health support

Mental health is extremely important, and we know that if you’re going through a tough time then it can be hard to get things done. If you need help and support, there are lots of resources out there to help.

First and foremost, make sure you’re speaking with a GP. There are also many dedicated online resources and charities who can help, a few of which are listed below.


logo of mind

Mind have a team that gives info on lots of topics like types of mental health problems and where to get help. They can also signpost you to services in your local area that offer support


logo of sane

SANE give practical help, emotional support and specialist info to people affected by mental health, their family, friends and carers 

YoungMinds Crisis Messenger

logo of YoungMinds

YoungMinds Crisis Messenger is a free, 24/7 support line for young people going through a mental health crisis. All texts are answered by trained volunteers, with support from experienced clinical supervisors


logo of samaritans

Samaritans are there 24/7 for anyone who’s struggling to cope, who needs someone to listen without judgement or pressure. Samaritans are not only a moment of crisis, but there to help to prevent one


logo of calm

With a focus on male mental health, CALM believe that everyone deserves support – that's why their helpline and webchat service is free, confidential, anonymous and above all - there for anyone who needs it

Sometimes, problems with mental health can also lead to financial difficulties. Similarly, if you are diagnosed with a health condition, or are simply noticing that problems with your health are affecting your finances, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Money worries

It’s important that you keep up to date with your payments, but we know sometimes things aren’t as simple as that. We’re here to support you as best as we can through financial difficulties.

If you are struggling to keep up with your essential expenses, get in touch with us to talk about your payments or ways we can support you further.

Also, if you know ahead of time that you’re going to miss a payment, or if you’ve already missed one and are looking to catch up, you can contact us to let us know that as well.

There are also several online resources that can help you with your finances:

Citizens advice


Money and Pensions Service

Government advice on benefits

Trusted alternative contact

If you’re finding it difficult to talk to with us, we can speak with someone else on your behalf if you would prefer.  We call this a trusted alternative contact.

What is a trusted alternative contact?

An alternative contact is someone that you as the policyholder can nominate to act on your behalf. This contact is authorised to talk to us on your behalf if, for any reason, you are unable to. They can discuss your policy, any claims and can make changes on your behalf - the only thing they can’t do is cancel the policy, as we’ll still need to speak to the policyholder for that.

If you’ve recently experienced a bereavement, you may want us to speak with a trusted contact on your behalf. We’re more than happy to do this, all you have to do is contact us to make us aware.

If you’d like us to do this, please contact us first with the simple information below:

  • Your full name
  • Your policy number
  • The name, date of birth, and contact details for your alternative contact

If you are a Car or Home insurance customer, you can name your alternative contact in your online account. For all other products, please contact us and a member of the team can assist you.

Contact us

Knowing about any challenges our customers are facing in advance can help us make sure you’re getting the right help when you need it.

Whether you’re taking out a new policy, making a mid-term adjustment or renewing your policy, we highly recommend that you update your circumstances to reflect any changes so that we have the most up to date information.

If you need to make us aware of any changes you can do this in your online account or via the contact us page.