Checklist for home insurance claims

Has something gone wrong? Take a look at this checklist and we’ll help you get sorted.

  1. Be prepared – then get in touch Have as much information as you can to hand before you make a claim. But don’t worry if you don’t, we can still get your claim underway, and we’ll keep it all as stress-free as possible.

What will you be asked for when you call?

  • You’ll need your personal details, and preferably, your policy number - get these from your online account
  • Tell us what happened - and what damage there is to your home
  • Take photos of the lost or damaged items (if you have them) and any related receipts, quotes or invoices
  • Let us know what type of building your home is, when it was built and if it’s listed
  • Structure and room details – number of bedroom and bathrooms, how the building is made, if it has a conservatory, porches or a flat roof
  1. Tell us about your claim When you register your claim online, or call us on 0300 248 092, we’ll quickly get your claim recorded, depending on the scale of the damage. It’ll speed things up if you have all the relevant details to hand.
  2. Claims outcome We’ll explain the next steps and how your claim will progress. This may involve submitting a quote for approval or we may appoint one or more of our approved suppliers or loss adjusters to help manage your claim to settlement. There are no fixed timescales for this process.

Frequently asked questions

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Swiftcover claims service

At Swiftcover, we understand that no-one wants to make a claim on their home insurance.

Our UK-based team will do all they can to support you – from registering a home insurance claim quickly and efficiently to organising an authorised contractor to handle repairs.