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Where are my policy documents and how do I print them?

All of your policy documents including your car insurance certificate can be found in 'my swift space'. As we are online only, your policy documents will not be sent in the post. More information on how to access your documents.

Can I drive other cars?

Usually you can drive other cars, but there are some exceptions. In particular we do not offer this cover to drivers under 25 and to those in certain occupations. If you are in any doubt you can check your car insurance policy document.

If your car insurance document does not specifically state (under Section 5 of your motor certificate) that you are allowed to drive other cars then you are not insured to do so. Please note that cover for driving other cars is restricted to the legal minimum (i.e. third party damage or injury), it does not cover fire, theft or accidental damage to the car. View your car insurance certificate

Can I claim if I'm hit by an uninsured or unknown driver?

If you have comprehensive cover, we will repair your car or settle your claim in accordance with the terms of your policy. We will then seek to recover our costs from the person at fault. If we do succeed, your No Claims Discount will not be affected by this claim. If you only have third party fire and theft cover, you are not insured for any damage to your car (other than due to fire or theft). We will therefore not repair your car in this instance. Make a car insurance claim

How do I change my car details and other details online?

You can change your policy details by logging into my swift space. Click here to find out how

Why protect my No Claims Discount?

By protecting your No Claims Discount you would be able to make one claim in a one year period or two claims in a three year period, and your No Claims Discount will not be lost. To benefit from this protection you must:

  • Be over 25 years of age
  • Have no fault claims in the last three years
  • Have 4 or more years no claims discount

If you purchase a policy without No Claims Discount Protection (NCDP) you will not be able to add this to your policy until renewal.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my car insurance?

Yes, you will get a refund if you cancel your policy unless you have made a claim. If you have made a claim for which we have paid out any monies we will not refund your premium.

You can cancel your car insurance within 14 days of setting up your policy. Cancelling your policy in this way will mean that you will not have been covered by us. We will return any premium paid provided no claims or accidents have occurred and reserve the right to charge a £25.00 administration fee. View full details.

How can I stop Swiftcover emails being blocked?

To ensure that you receive emails from you may need to review your email settings for spam blockers. We have compiled some guidance on how to do this for the most popular email providers. Please read the following instructions.

Am I covered for business use?

Yes, but only if you have selected the correct class of vehicle use and your insurance certificate says you have business use. However, business use is restricted to driving for your business or the business of your spouse/common law partner. This can be added or removed at any point during the policy term by visiting 'My Swift Space' online using your email address and chosen password. Your level of cover will be displayed in Section 6 of your motor certificate.

Visit My Swift Space

View car insurance certificate

Am I covered for driving abroad?

Your car insurance policy provides the same level of cover you have in the UK whilst you are abroad in the European Union for up to 3 days free of charge.
If your trip is longer than 3 days, we will charge for your car insurance policy cover to be extended.
You can obtain Driving Abroad Cover by logging into your Swift Space and adding it to your policy. Simply select the 'Driving Abroad Cover' link next to countries covered on your policy.

Must I send Swiftcover proof of my No Claims Discount?

If you are claiming a no claim discount, you must send proof of any no claims discount earned. View what qualifies as proof and where to send it.

Who do I contact if my car has broken down?

If you have an in-force swiftcover breakdown policy and your car breaks down please call our 24 hour hotline on 0800 107 7006.

Please have the following information ready to give to our Rescue Controller, who will use this to validate your policy.

  1. Your return telephone number with area code.
  2. Your car registration.
  3. The precise location of your car (or as accurate as you are able in the circumstances).

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