What to do if you breakdown


There are four levels of cover available with Swiftcover Breakdown:
  • Swift Roadside
  • Swift Rescue
  • Swift Rescue and Home Assist
  • Swift European
Please ensure you read the policy terms conditions to ensure the cover meets your requirements for the next 12 months.

Make sure you print your breakdown policy terms conditions and keep them in your glove compartment so they are to hand if you require assistance.

If your vehicle breaks down due to mechanical or electrical failure, service will be provided in accordance with the level of cover purchased. We will provide cover for any breakdown and any costs involved with the roadside assistance or recovery to a local garage (excluding parts and labour) during the period of insurance and within the territorial limits detailed within your policy wording.

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In the event of a breakdown, please ring the number provided within the Policy Terms Conditions under the section "How to make a claim".

We will ask you for the following information:

  1. Your return phone number. This is to ensure that if, for any reason, the connection is lost we can call you back immediately.
  2. Your policy number which can be found on the breakdown policy schedule.
  3. Your precise location details or as accurate as you can possibly provide.
  4. Details of the problem with the vehicle.

We will take your details and ask you to remain by the phone. Once we have made all the arrangements, we will call to advise who will be coming out to you and how long they are expected to take. You will then be asked to return to your vehicle.

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Please remember to guard your safety at all times but remain in or nearby your vehicle until our recovery operator arrives. Once our operator arrives at the scene please be guided by his/her safety advice.

If the police are present, please advise them that you have contacted us or give them our phone number to call us on your behalf.

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When contacting us from Europe, please advise us if you are on your outbound or return journey. This is to ensure we can provide the best service and keep the disruption to your journey to a minimum.

If you have broken down on a European motorway or major public road, we are generally unable to assist and you will often need to obtain assistance via the local SOS phones. The local services will tow you to a place of safety and you will be required to pay for the service immediately. You can then contact us for further assistance.

Before traveling, it is recommended that you consult the laws of the country you are intending to visit. Please ensure you check the documentation you are required to carry by law before you travel.

As a guideline, we recommend you take the following documentation in case they are legally required in the countries in which you might breakdown:

  • Photocard driving license and supporting documentation
  • Insurance documents
  • MOT certificate
  • Log book and V5 registration document
  • If you do not own the vehicle, confirmation that you have the owner's permission to drive it.

The above list is not exhaustive and is a guide only.

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Breakdown Contact Number

If you have an in-force swiftcover break down policy and your car breaks down please call our 24 hour hotline on 0800 107 7006.

Please have the following information ready to give to our Rescue Controller, who will use this to validate your policy.

  1. Your return telephone number with area code.
  2. Your car registration.
  3. The precise location of your car (or as accurate as you are able in the circumstances).

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Existing Breakdown Customers

We have made some changes to our site by removing the login for standalone breakdown cover. To amend your details please call 0330 123 4049.