Car Review: Perodua - Myvi  Series 06 (3 stars)

The Perodua Myvi shows the company is improving but so is everyone else, and quicker.

In some perhaps slightly tenuous ways, the Perodua Myvi is much like perennial pop group the Sugababes - that band has been around for years now, but in many different guises, to the point that none of the original line-up remain.

Likewise the Myvi has been through numerous different iterations as different cars with various manufacturers. Last time it was spotted it was a Daihatsu Sirion. So whilst this Perodua might come with Toyota connections of one sort or another, they're from last decade. We do of course applaud recycling, though, provided that it then comes at the right price. On this occasion, it doesn't.

For a car priced at between eight and nine thousand pounds the Myvi doesn't put much effort into making a strong case for itself. The interior plastics are hard and shiny, and whilst the cabin is spacious it has none of the character you can get from rivals at this price. The Fiat Panda for one offers a compelling package at this price.

The Myvi does offer some fairly fancy equipment as standard, such as air con, CD player, electric windows, remote central locking and parking sensors, which is fairly impressive for a car of this ilk. But then again, the car is slightly conspicuous by some of the things that you can't buy - there's no sunroof or alloy wheel option available at all.

The handling of the Myvi isn't particularly impressive, not offering much feel through the wheel. Refinement is poor too, so the car doesn't make much of a case for itself on the motorway. Wind and engine noise will grate at a cruise.

The 1.3-litre petrol engine is nippy enough when coupled with the manual gearbox, but the automatic saps too much power and petrol to be worthwhile. Compared to almost all of the competition short of a ride-on lawnmower, this engine is old and dirty.

Residual values are bad and the warranty isn't impressive, either. For such a cheap car it works out comparatively expensive to run.

But if nothing else, you will at least be granted exclusivity in your Myvi ownership should you decide to buy one. The number of cars you would have to say no to in order to settle on the Myvi boggles the mind, however. There are plenty of much better cars as keenly priced that would at least be a better investment, if nothing else.

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