Swiftcover Review - Paperless system

When car insurance customer and green advocate, Geoff Nutter, needed to change his car, he wanted to do his best for the environment.

As well as looking into car sharing schemes and maximising the use of public transport, the IT Project Manager from London enquired about reconditioning his ten-year old Astra into a more eco friendly vehicle. Geoff says: "Most of the time we use public transport and only use the car occasionally, but because we have family in Bristol we needed to keep one. We also needed an automatic so converting the Astra became more and more complicated.

After careful consideration, Geoff swapped his Astra for an environmentally friendly Toyota Prius Hybrid car, with the old car going to a Youth racing scheme, rather than straight to the scrapyard.

As Geoff shopped around for a new car insurance policy, he realised that his choice of vehicle would actually be cheaper to insure.

"I was immensely pleased to find that Swiftcover offers drivers of 'green' cars a 10 per cent discount. It's a great way to encourage people to make the switch to more environmentally friendly vehicles."

In addition, Geoff was delighted with how straightforward he found the Swiftcover web-site. "The process of obtaining a car insurance quote and arranging the policy was quick and simple and I very much like the fact that it's a paperless system. All of the documents are saved on your own private Swiftcover page, which is protected by a password and these can be accessed and viewed online anytime."

"All in all, I am well pleased."

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