Swiftcover Insurance Review - Green Motor Insurance Online

When car insurance customer and holiday company sales manager, Allan Trinidad, came to upgrade his car, he was determined to do something about his carbon footprint. So, he swapped his 4x4 for an 'environmentally-friendly' Toyota Prius Hybrid car, which is not only greener, but much cheaper in terms of petrol usage.

But it wasn't until he came to shop around for a new car insurance policy, he realised that his choice of car could be even better for his pocket.

"I'd always been with Eagle Star, which was the best policy at the time, but I felt there might be better deals on the market. You can imagine how pleased I was to find out that Swiftcover offers a 10 per cent discount to drivers of 'green' cars. I saved considerably on my previous insurance premium."

But that wasn't the only benefit for Allan. It's not unusual for him to clock up over 25,000 miles a year for work meeting travel agents and holiday companies all over the South East.

Allan was pleased with how easy it was to use Swiftcover's web-site. "It's really simple to use. I use the internet a lot, so it's natural for me to look for something like motor insurance online."

"I really like Swiftcover's approach - unlike other insurance companies, they don't force you to take a quote just for putting your details in."

"And there's no hanging around on the phone - you just do everything online and it's all stored on your private Swiftcover page, which is protected by a password."

"Swiftcover met all of my needs. They are easy to deal with and they had the best policy at the right price."

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