Swiftcover Customer Review - Swift Resolution to No-Fault Claim

When 29 year old Ben Radley was involved in an accident through no fault of his own and the other vehicles involved drove off without stopping, he was concerned that the claims process would be drawn out and complicated.

In March 2008, Ben, from Holton Le Clay in Humberside, was driving his Alfa Romeo 156 in Grimsby when a car suddenly pulled into the path of the vehicle in front.

After applying his brakes suddenly to avoid hitting the car, Ben skidded towards a hedge at the side of the road. He was shocked when the drivers of the other two cars involved simply drove away without stopping. Because the whole incident happened so quickly, none of the witnesses to the accident had time to take down the details of the registration plates.

Ben explains: "My car bounced into the hedge and stopped abruptly. Luckily I wasn't hurt but my car came off very badly. The off-side was scraped and bent with my front wheel twisted. When the car was removed from the hedge to take it to the dealers for repair, more damage was caused. The winch on the recovery truck bent the back axel and then snapped off the front wheel as it tore my car from the hedge. By the time it arrived at the dealers for repair, the car was in a very bad state."

Ben found the online car insurance claims process at Swiftcover straightforward and fast. Commenting on the experience, Ben said: "They dealt with my claim very quickly, despite the fact that I didn't have the details of the other drivers involved. One of the best things about the whole experience was the fact that I could make and track the claim online. All of my details were readily available on the internet so if I wanted to find out what was happening, I didn't have to keep phoning. Instead I could go online at any time of the day or night for an update on how the claim was progressing."

When Ben did call Swiftcover for assistance he was pleasantly surprised with the support he received. He said: "The adviser answered all of my questions and had a helpful attitude and pleasant manner."

Ben was delighted when his claim was settled within two weeks and has just renewed with Swiftcover for the second year running. He said: "I was more than happy with the way that my claim was handled and with the levels of service and support I've received."

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