Swiftcover Review - Speedy service

When motor insurance customer and computer manager, Linda Bines, from Essex, was involved in a car accident just three weeks before a family holiday to Devon - she was convinced their holiday plans would be in ruins.

Linda says: "We were all really excited about the holiday but were committed to driving there so needed the car. When I had the accident, I really thought the car wouldn't be repaired in time and we would have to cancel our plans. The whole family was dreadfully upset."

Thankfully nobody was hurt in the accident, but Linda's five year old Renault Megane suffered significant damage. The driver door was badly damaged, and needed to be replaced together with the trim. She feared that the car would take several weeks to repair but Linda was delighted with how quickly Swiftcover settled her car insurance claim. She says: "When I first claimed, I mentioned our holiday plans and Swiftcover pulled out all the stops to repair the car in time. It was incredible how promptly the claim was settled and to say I am grateful would be an understatement. The whole process was handled so efficiently, and as well as being quick, was really straightforward."

The claim was settled and the repairs completed within just three weeks. Linda and her family picked the car up, loaded their luggage and headed off to Devon.

"Thanks to Swiftcover we had a fabulous holiday after all. When the time comes I'll certainly look to renew my car insurance policy with them. They were excellent in every respect."

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