How to make a home a summer haven

Friday, 27 April 2012

Chilly winter days are but a distant memory for many Brits now, with the smell of summer in the air.

This year is set to be the most exciting summer season in recent memory, thanks to the 2012 Euro Championships, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration and the Olympic Games taking place on home turf.

As such, homeowners will want to ensure they have their house in order so that it shines when inviting friends and family around for some fun in the sun.

Follow these tips to ensure a home's design stands out for all the right reasons

Making a garden dazzle in the sunlight

When the temperatures begin to rise and the sun shines across the UK, many families instantly leave the comfort of the home's interior to catch the summer sunshine.

However, a dampener can quickly be put on proceedings if the garden gate is hanging by its hinges or the fence is looking tired after not having a fresh lick of paint for many years.

In the run-up to the summer months then, homeowners are wise to use the time to give their garden some TLC – sorting out the little things can make a huge difference!

Why not celebrate overturning the look of an outdoor space by also installing a barbeque? It's always hard to turn down a succulent snack which has been cooked to perfection on a grill

Give a shed and garage a much-needed tidy

So the partner is hogging the garden with their friends and the kids are playing on their games console in the living room – where else can a person enjoy some downtime?

Well, those with a garage can easily move some things around and throw away unwanted junk to make the space into an entertainment room.

Likewise, fitting a few shelves onto a garden shed and finishing off the design with a couple of comfy chairs will allow people to turn a facility which is often just used for storage into a wonderful retreat

Don't forget to keep a bathroom in check

Homeowners who are inviting friends and family around for a night are likely to go all out to clean up their living room, dining room and kitchen.

But it should not be forgotten that one of the main rooms which will be used by guests will be the bathroom.

All the hard work making a property dazzle will be for nothing if the bathroom is losing a few tiles from its walls or limescale and mould are easy to spot.

Therefore, take a few moments during the spring cleaning to uplift the look of this part of a home, even if this means splashing the cash just a little. It will surely prove a worthy investment in the long run.

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