Checklist for car insurance claims

In a car accident? Take a look at our tips on what to do if you need to make a claim.

  1. Safety is the priority

    Once you’ve established that everyone involved is safe or is being safely looked after, it’s time to make a car insurance claim.

  2. Take down the details

    Tell us what happened and who was involved. Note all the details of the other vehicles, drivers, passengers and witnesses. Taking photos of the scene and the cars can help too.

  3. Don't take the blame

    Contact us as soon as possible. We’ll take care of the claim for you – including investigating who was responsible.

  4. Don’t delay on making your claim

    Leaving it late to report your claim could affect how much we can help. Call us from the scene as soon as you can.

Contact numbers

How do dashcams affect your insurance?

Dashcams (in car camera recorders) are becoming more useful in investigating car insurance claims. If you need to make a claim, sending us video evidence could help us settle it quickly – if it’s settled in your favour, you could get back your excess and keep your No Claims Discount.

Claiming on your Swiftcover insurance

Need support with a claim?

Our team of experts will give you the help you need – from organising repairs for your car to arranging a courtesy vehicle to keep you on the move.

You’ll get:

  • A lifetime guarantee from our approved accident repair specialists for as long as you own the vehicle
  • Car collection and delivery from approved repairers
  • Cleaned car (inside and out) when it returns from repairers
  • Workmanship and parts for as long as you own your car

Frequently asked questions

The answers you need, provided by our expert team

* We’re here to take your call Monday to Friday 9am 5pm (new and existing claims), Saturday 9am 5pm (new claims only) and Bank Holidays 9am 4pm.

If you’ve been involved in an accident and call outside of our working hours, please note we’re only available to provide emergency assistance for the recovery of your vehicle if it’s undriveable. If this service isn’t required, please call back during office hours.