In our new advertising campaign, Sid & Johnny take their friends and family on an adventure to get Swiftcovered, and to Get a Life. With superfast car insurance quotes that are 100% online, Sid & Johnny feel that there is no need to waste time waiting in queues or for the post.

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Swiftbrothers Car
Sid and Johnny Swiftbrother dogs

Sid Swift

Sid loves everything about He enjoys driving around Barkswell with his brother Johnny and has a purple belt in Dog Judo. Sid is single and is currently considering a course in Osteology.

Johnny Swift

Johnny is the lead vocalist in The Double Dogs with his brother Sid. He is in a relationship with Cindy Poodle and enjoys Swiftness, Dendrology and fishing.

Malcolm and Vivienne Swiftbrother dogs

Mum and Dad Title


Malcolm Swift, married to Vivienne enjoys rearranging his shed and having a game of pool down at the club. He loves a good tune and his favourite music is Led Zeppelin.


Vivienne Swift is mum to Sid and Johnny. She teaches literacy to the pups at Barkwell Infants and is married to Malcolm Swift. Vivienne loves shopping, Zumba and playing Bingo online.

Cindy Swiftbrother dog

Cindy Title

Cindy is engaged to Johnny Swift and works at Mutts Cuts. She plays the drums with The Double Dogs and also enjoys running the local book club.

Grandad Swiftbrother dog

Grandad Title

Reginald Hound Esq loves bowls in the park and the occasional pint of real ale. His favourite past time, now that he is retired, is hare coursing and rolling around in stuff. Oh and anything to do with the ladies.

Phil and Barry Pug Swiftbrother dogs

Phil Schnauzer

Phil is mates with Sid and Johnny and loves sticking his head out of car windows. Phil works for Pest Control and loves crosswords, scratching and marking his territory. Phil is single.

Barry Pug

Barry loves chilling out, digging and chewing stuff. Barry has a special talent, he can lick his own eyes.

PC Wagstaff Swiftbrother dog
Wagstaff title

PC Wagstaff was educated at Barkswell Police Academy and is married to his job. When he's not on the beat, PC Wagstaff enjoys listening to a good tune. His favourite being 'Dog Police' by The Dog Police.

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