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Stuck is an exciting new iPhone application

Tell friends, family and the world where and why you're stuck

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Easy and quick to use

Add stuck situations in 2 steps

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Use emotions

Emotionally tag comments and situations

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Share with your friends

Share your Stuck situations with email and twitter

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View on maps

Stuck people show on local and global maps

Share your Stuck situations with the world

View other Stuck people using out maps and categories

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Stuck in Love?

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Stuck on a Song?

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Stuck in Rain?

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Stuck in an Airport?

Millions of people get Stuck in thousands of situations every day

Learn more about Stuck

There's plenty of features in our app to get your hands on

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Preset messages

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Multiple categories

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Post to email or twitter

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Global and local Stucks

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Live timelines

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Plus more coming!

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