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Additional Benefits

There are various additional products you can add to your car insurance to give you extra cover and peace of mind. You choose the level of cover that works for you. Click on the options and have a look at the extras we offer you.

Protect your No Claims Discount

If you've had car insurance for one year or more and you haven't made a claim, you can get a "no claims discount".

When you've got at least one year's no claims discount you can protect it with Swiftcover car insurance.

It means if you have to make a claim, you keep your discount at renewal. It allows you to have one claim in a year or two claims in a three year period.

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If you are involved in a car accident that's not your fault, with Legal Cover we'll pay up to £100,000 in legal fees for the legal team we appoint to recover your uninsured losses from the person we can prove was responsible.

The legal team could get your medical expenses refunded along with any excess paid. You could also get back out of pocket expenses and any earnings lost because of the accident. And if you are injured, legal cover could help you get compensation you may rely on.
Read the policy wording to find out more

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Courtesy Car Upgrade

Swiftcover gives you a courtesy car as standard after a valid claim - that's great! But now you can upgrade to get a hire car the same size as your own - that's even better! Plus you can use the hire car for up to 21 days after your car is stolen or written off. It's a lot more cover for only a little extra.
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Personal Injury & Rehabilitation

Accidents happen, unfortunately. It's reassuring to have extra peace of mind, just in case. By choosing Swiftcover's Personal Injury & Rehabilitation cover, you can rely on expert medical care to help you get back to health after an accident in your car.

Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments are just two of the specialist services available, and with Personal Accident payments included too, you could receive up to £100,000 to help you on your way.
Read the policy wording to find out more

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Breakdown Recovery

You choose what you need:

  • Swift Roadside gives you roadside assistance plus towing your car to your home, local repairer or your destination, whichever is closer, if your car can’t be fixed at the roadside*.
  • Swift Rescue will get you on the move or take you home or to your destination.
  • Swift Rescue & Homestart has all the above plus it gets you sorted if you breakdown at home.
  • Swift European also includes European cover for your car.

*Within 10 miles

Included in all the above options, you get the following too:

  • Key assistance if you lose or damage your keys.
  • Friends and relatives message service so they know how you are.

Please note that Breakdown cover does not include the recovery of a damaged vehicle following an accident. If you have Comprehensive car insurance cover then this is covered under your car insurance policy. If you have only purchased third party fire and theft then recovering your accident damaged vehicle is not covered.

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Breakdown Recovery - in a nutshell

Swift Rescue
& Home Start
Up to 1 hour free labour for roadside repairs Yes Yes Yes Yes
24 hour garage callout Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free recovery of your car, caravan & trailer to a repairer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Help to arrange you to finish your journey   Yes Yes Yes
Cover for anyone else using your car with your permission Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recovery for you and your car and caravan & trailer within the UK   Yes Yes Yes
Use of a hire car or overnight accommodation Yes Yes Yes
Cover if your car breaks down at home     Yes Yes
European cover for car       Yes

Please refer to the Policy Terms and Conditions for full details of all benefits.

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